Individual Sessions

Work with Cindy individually.  You receive her undivided attention for the allotted time to work on yourself and your goals without any distractions.

Partner Sessions

Prepare to have a blast working out with a friend, spouse, or someone with similar goals to your own. Enjoy a DISCOUNTED rate for sharing the cost!

Small Groups

Create a custom group of 3–4 friends, co-workers, couples, family members, etc. the choice is YOURS. Save money, have a good time, and get in shape.


Functional Training is beneficial to absolutely everyone regardless of age or physical condition as it trains your muscles to perform everyday activities safely and efficiently. I incorporate Functional Training exercises in all of my workout plans. Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together to prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements. It is used by physical therapists and occupational therapists in rehabilitation for those recovering from injury, surgery or stroke. However, it can be adapted to simulate common motions you perform at home, at work, or even in sports. Functional Training exercises emphasize core stability and balance. It can be especially beneficial for older adults as it improves agility, muscle strength and reduces the risk of falls. As we steadily add more functional exercises to your workout, you will see vast improvements in your ability to perform everyday activities!


Methods of Payment Accepted: Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Insurance Debit/Wellness cards, and PayPal

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